Finding Direction: The Wind Vane Chronicles

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Finding Direction:  The Wind Vane Chronicles

The Great Road Trip of 2009 – Friday, April 3

June 12th, 2009 · 5 Comments · Dee's Family, Families, Humor, Inspirational, Photos, Videos, Reflections, View From the 80's

April 3rd – First Day Back Home With Mom & Laura: Wiped Out, But Fun

My first day back home with Mom & Laura in tow after our adventurous, but also grueling (from my perspective, as coordinator and sole driver) 750 mile road trip found me totally wiped out, so we decided to just take it easy all day. 

The weather was absolutely perfect – and stayed perfect – for the entire six days they visited.  It was about 55-60 degrees at night and in the mid 70s by day, so we kept the entire house opened up to the big screened in back porch most of the time and spent a lot of time out there, too.

Mom usually gets up at home in Abilene very early in the morning – like 5 or 6 a.m., but the entire time she was here, she rested very well and "slept in" every morning, sometimes as late as 8 or 8:30 a.m.  She was staying really active every day and surprised even herself at how well she slept each night.

This day, she got up before Tom left for work (he typically leaves about 7:30 a.m.) and they had cereal together.  This was to be his last work day until they left six days later, so he had a lot to get done.  He wasn’t coming home for lunch, either, as the office was having a big  crawfish boil and boiled shrimp, with lots of red potatoes, corn on the cob, mushrooms and garlic cooked in the hot, spicy liquid.  I would have gone if I hadn’t had company because that’s my kind of eatin’, so I was a bit envious.

I’d fixed up my coffee pot the night before for Mom to plug in when she got up so she could have her one cup of coffee to get going, because I knew that I wasn’t going to get up that early and neither was Laura. 

Digression:  I’ve long had a 12 cup stainless steel percolator that I love, not liking coffee makers.  They don’t make or keep coffee hot enough for me and I’ve never had one that I thought really stayed very clean inside the water compartment where our water caused yucky orange stuff to grow, despite me trying to clean it  out with vinegar.

Anyway . . . the day was ours and Laura & I eventually got up to join Mom in hanging out by mid-morning.  I still needed to unpack my clothes, but somehow couldn’t seem to get that far in getting anything done.  I also badly needed to wash & roll my hair, having not done that for a week, and decided to do that first.

We stayed so busy talking and still looking around the house all morning that somehow I couldn’t seem to get anything done, though.  We decided on a late lunch – maybe small sandwiches or salad – because we weren’t that hungry, and I finally got my hair washed and a towel wrapped around my head about 1:30 p.m.

That’s when I heard the garage door open.  There was Tom with a big plastic bowl spilling over with boiled crawfish, jumbo boiled shrimp & all the fixin’s leftover from their lunch at work.  What a wonderful surprise for us!  I was delighted!  So were Mom & Laura, believe it or not.  This was perfect, because I’d been craving some good boiled crawfish and these really big shrimp were SO-o-o good!

That’s when I took these photos of us with our table full of goodies.

First is Laura & Mom before they started digging in (and wondering what they’re getting in to).  You’ll note that my tray – to the front of the table – has a whole lot more crawfish & shrimp on it than theirs:

If you’ll note, in this second photo below, Laura is holding a crawfish, while Mom is holding her shrimp with its feet up.  Laura insisted Mom was holding her shrimp wrong, because the feet should be down (like it really makes a difference, but Laura thought that with its feet up it looked "dead," which in fact, it was, of course).


Anyway, at Laura’s insistence, I took a 3rd picture so that Mom could show off her (isn’t it big?!) shrimp the "correct" way.  As you can see, all involved were having a great time!  (Except for maybe the "dead" shrimp, but boy, were they good eatin’):

 You may also note that not only was there a big roll of paper towels on the table because all that stuff is so messy to eat, but there is a box of Kleenex, because the stuff is so hot it makes your nose run (and mouth burn!). 

Thanks to Tom, our first day home was a great success, not only making for good eatin’, but also some great photos of the whole experience.  And, not only did we have a Cajun lunch, we were all full and didn’t have to worry about dinner.  We just all snacked.  

As for me . . . I had to re-wet my hair and finally got it rolled up about 4 p.m.(!), but it took me 2 1/2 more days before I could find time to unpack my suitcase.  It was to be that way the entire visit.  But, oh what fun we had!  In fact, the next day on Saturday . . . but, wait – I’m getting ahead of myself.  You’ll have to come back, okay?!

To Be Continued . . .


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  • Janice Garrison

    What great fun and eating! I’m beginning to

    A few things I miss about CA…fresh fruit, veggies and seafood. I miss those things immensely.

    Larry and I had our Mexican Food ‘fix’ today. We can’t go too many days without it.

    Pour me a cup of java please :-)

  • marilyn

    Will definitely be back! :o) Thanks for sharing.

  • Laura

    I’m so jealous of your boil! It looks yummy.
    I agree with you about the percolator. I would use mine every day, but I’ve had trouble finding filters for it, except on Amazon. It does get the coffee hot, though.

  • Dee Andrews

    Laura -

    I TOO cannot find percolator coffee filters anywhere here in Mississippi or over in Louisiana. I get mine either when I go out to Abilene to visit my mom (like this last time prior to the Great Road Trip) or when I place an “order” with my mom to mail me some.

    But, guess what? I just did an online search for the company that makes these filters (they do NOT have a website, which is most aggravating) and although it took me a while, I FINALLY found a direct link to where you can order a case of them (12 pkgs of 24 filters each) for $18 something, which is a really good price, I think.

    I know that I’m going to bookmark it for my future use (I’ve got a stockpile at the moment) because I tried my best before to find some online and never could find any.

    Hope this helps!!


  • Judy

    Great pics, Dee, and I’m glad it was such a good day for ya’ll. However, I’m gonna have to adopt the attitude Greg recently reflected when he told me “God” and “spinach” didn’t go together! :) Not being a seafood eater. Much as I love ya, I’d have made a run to the nearest McDonald’s (and I’m not crazy about them!). We are using a coffee maker and, of late, it just doesn’t seem to make good coffee. Maybe a percolater is the answer.

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